Examples of Sediment Waves in and Around Submarine Canyons of the North Alboran Sea

  • Araceli MuñozEmail author
  • Elena Elvira
  • César León
  • Juan Acosta
  • Patricia Jiménez


Swath bathymetry in the north Alboran Sea shows different types of sediment waves associated with submarine canyons. Bedforms are located in the channel axis, on the levee backslopes of a meander and on the fan lobe developed at the mouth of the canyons. They probably represent different responses to turbidity current flows and suggest active sediment dynamics (at present and/or in the past) in this area.


Continental slope Bedforms Sediment waves Cyclic steps Fan lobe 



The data were obtained in the framework of the Fisheries Mapping Programme of the Mediterranean, funded by the Secretaría General de Pesca (MAGRAMA). We also wish to thank the SGP-TRAGSA Cartography Group, who participated in the cruises.


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  • Elena Elvira
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  • César León
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  • Juan Acosta
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  • Patricia Jiménez
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