Sorted Bedforms Along the Egadi Islands Continental Shelf (Southern Tyrrhenian)

  • Claudio Lo IaconoEmail author
  • Jorge Guillén


The analysis of sidescan sonar data and sediment samples around the Egadi Islands, on the NW Sicilian margin (southern Tyrrhenian), revealed the existence of two main sorted bedform fields. Sorted bedforms were mapped along the shelf sectors of the Marettimo and Favignana Islands, organized on elongated patches almost perpendicular to the coastline for a depth range of 15–50 m. Sediment sampling revealed that the bedforms are composed of sandy sediments lying over coarse sandy, gravelly and pebbly substrates. We assessed the long-term stability of the sorted bedforms, which could be related to along-shore transverse bottom currents associated with exceptional storms coming from the NE.


Sorted bedforms Inner shelf Sidescan sonar Egadi insular margin Tyrrhenian sea 



Data collection was carried out in the framework of the GebecSud Project (P.I. Prof. R Catalano) supported by the “Ministero Istruzione Università e Ricerca” (MIUR, 488/92, Cluster 10) and directed by the Geology and Geodesy Department of Palermo University.


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  2. 2.Institut de Ciències del MarCSICBarcelonaSpain

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