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Importance of Internet of Things and Big Data in Building Smart City and What Would Be Its Challenges

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Cities are regarded as the backbone of the country’s economy and sustainability. To make a city ‘smart’, we need to build upon the strategies which could mitigate city’s current issues and avert future problems which are driven by the urban society and its rapid expansion. According to the UN urbanization report (2011), urban cities occupy 2 % of the earth’s total area and still they are responsible for the 70 % of the global energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases. The cities will need to attend to these global facts and take upon bigger challenges of fulfilling the essential needs of water, food and shelter, providing necessary public services like utility, security, and mobility and importantly managing scare resources. IoT and big data with their innovating techniques and advancing technology provides those critical tools which helps to address these topics and lay down the foundation for next generation smart cities.


Smart city Internet of things (IoT) Big data Innovation Cloud computing 


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