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Clinical Presentation of Itch

  • Asit MittalEmail author
  • Sonja Ständer


In terms of skin examinations, pruritus can present in different ways to clinicians. It can present on normal skin (IFSI classification group II) or together with dermatoses (IFSI classification group I) including dry skin (xerosis), a common cause of pruritus. Sometimes, the presentation of pruritus involves chronic scratch lesions (IFSI classification group III) such as lichen simplex chronicus prurigo nodularis. Localized pruritus, a component of dysesthesia, is often observed in neurologic and neuropathic disorders. The clinical presentation may, however, not reveal much about the etiology of the pruritus, as even dermatological diseases can present with itch on (almost) normal skin.


Itch Pruritus Clinical presentation Scratch lesion Diseased/normal skin IFSI classification 


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  2. 2.Center for Chronic Pruritus (KCP), Department of DermatologyUniversity Hospital MünsterMünsterGermany

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