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Examination of Patients

  • Elke WeisshaarEmail author
  • Markus Streit


One of the first steps when attending to patients with pruritus is their examination. This comprises a precise taking of medical history, clinical examination and laboratory tests as well as radiological diagnostics. All of these are of high relevance. Only a comprehensive and precise history and a careful clinical examination can lead to a qualified differential diagnosis of possible underlying causes. This may be completed by laboratory and imaging investigation as well as skin biopsy. The results of all these may enable diagnosing of a certain form of pruritus. This chapter summarizes all relevant steps of the examination of pruritus patients and introduces to an anamnestic algorithm which facilitates the treatment of pruritus patients.


Itch Pruritus Diagnostics IFSI classification Medical history Clinical examination Aetiology Trigger factor Anamnesis Dermatosis Internal diseases 


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