Robotics in Mining

  • Joshua A. MarshallEmail author
  • Adrian Bonchis
  • Eduardo Nebot
  • Steven Scheding
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This chapter presents an overview of the state of the art in mining robotics, from surface to underground applications, and beyond. Mining is the practice of extracting resources for utilitarian purposes. Today, the international business of mining is a heavily mechanized industry that exploits the use of large diesel and electric equipment. These machines must operate in harsh, dynamic, and uncertain environments such as, for example, in the high arctic, in extreme desert climates, and in deep underground tunnel networks where it can be very hot and humid. Applications of robotics in mining are broad and include robotic dozing, excavation, and haulage, robotic mapping and surveying, as well as robotic drilling and explosives handling. This chapter describes how many of these applications involve unique technical challenges for field roboticists. However, there are compelling reasons to advance the discipline of mining robotics, which include not only a desire on the part of miners to improve productivity, safety, and lower costs, but also out of a need to meet product demands by accessing orebodies situated in increasingly challenging conditions.


Situational Awareness Underground Mining Inertial Navigation System Blast Hole Longwall Mining 
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three-dimensional normal distributions transform




four wheel drive


Australian Coal Association Research Program


armoured (or articulated) face conveyor


collision avoidance technology


Cooperative Research Centre for Mining Technology and Equipment


Carnegie Mellon University


Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


differential global positioning system


degree of freedom


enhanced horizon control


global navigation satellite system


global positioning system


iterative closest point


inertial measurement unit


inertial navigation system


International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard


International Organization for Standardization


jigsaw positioning system


Longwall Automation Steering Committee


load haul-dump


light detection and ranging


microelectromechanical system


National Aeronautics and Space Agency


United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health


proximity awareness technology


proximity detection technology


pan–tilt unit


programmable universal machine for assembly


rig control system


robotic explosive charging system


radio frequency identification


remote operations centre




remotely operated underwater vehicle


real-time kinematics


simultaneous localization and mapping


shearer position measurement system




unscented Kalman filter




wide-area augmentation system


wireless ad-hoc system for positioning


extensible markup language


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