The Future: Strengthening the Advanced Nursing Practice Agenda

  • Madrean Schober
Part of the Advanced Practice in Nursing book series (APN)


Advanced Nursing Practice has become a well-established discipline internationally with an increasing presence noted in both developed and developing countries. This increased visibility places the evolving nature of ANP at a turning point. As an emerging and vital field of nursing in the healthcare workforce a look to the future implies a need to strengthen the focus on understanding the role and practice level of the advanced practice nurse. In addition, it is up to the profession to meet diverse worldwide healthcare challenges by developing pathways and services corresponding to countries’ healthcare needs and resources. This chapter discusses aspects of preparing for a future healthcare workforce that increasingly includes advanced practice nurses providing care and healthcare services. Proposed topics to strengthen the international advanced nursing practice agenda are identified. Topics for the future include consensus building on terminology relevant to advanced nursing practice, workforce planning when integrating the levels of advanced nursing practice, capacity building by removing barriers to practice and enhancing the research agenda.


Consensus Terminology Capacity building Healthcare workforce Removing barriers 


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