Evolutive Scenarios for a New Concept of Sustainable Mobility

  • Patrizia RanzoEmail author
  • Chiara Scarpitti
  • Rosanna Veneziano
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 52)


The present paper reports on an investigation of new mobility and manufacturing concepts, carried out in the framework of a research project funded by the Regional Government of Campania for an innovative development of the automotive supply chain. With reference to a new concept of sustainability that involves citizens and communities, the scenario depicted is characterised by an integrated innovation that affects people, new technologies and, generally speaking, as well as by the appearance of alternative models generated by individuals and by the small production realities scattered across the territory. Just like the manufacturing industry is increasingly moving towards new forms of production, the mobility sector is also undergoing deep transformations. It is with this approach of radical renewal that the present research tries to re-imagine the new systems of interaction and involvement of users—co-designed models, and digital manufacturing modes leading to the efficiency of services and production processes in the automotive sector.


Sustainability mobility Social innovation Digital manufacturing Productive processes Automotive industry 


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  • Patrizia Ranzo
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    Email author
  • Chiara Scarpitti
    • 1
  • Rosanna Veneziano
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  1. 1.Department DICDEA (Ingegneria Civile, Design, Edilizia ed Ambiente)Second University of NaplesAversa (Caserta)Italy

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