Public-Private Partnership: The Missing Factor in the Resilience Equation. The French Experience on CIIP

  • Danilo D’ EliaEmail author
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Critical information infrastructure protection is a complex and multifaceted problem domain and continues to become more so. Because it is impossible to prevent the occurrence of all incidents, the CIIP should be approached in terms of resilience. However, governments are facing a key challenge in the implementation of resilience: the need of cooperation with the private sector. How to organize the public-private cooperation is arduous but geopolitics provides the tools to under-stand this kind of complex relationship. In analyzing the French case, this paper aims to see PPP through a new pathos: as a risk-mitigating factor.


Cyber risk Critical infrastructure protection Public-private partnership Resilience 



This work is funded by Airbus Defense and Space-CyberSecurity and supported by the Chaire Castex de Cyberstratégie. Any opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Airbus.


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