High-Power Short Pulses Compression: Analysis and Modeling

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The chapter discusses practically realizable algorithms of model synthesis of direct-flow compressors built on the basis of rectangular, circular or coaxial waveguides. Resonance and distributed switches have been designed to ensure effective energy accumulation and release into output waveguides or free space. The authors dwell on peculiarities of radiation of high-power short pulses by simple monopole antennas with coaxial feeding waveguides. They also design a novel phased antenna array, whose each radiating element is an active compressor. Particular attention is given to the study of such physical processes in compressors as energy accumulation, switching from the accumulation mode into the mode of energy release, and radiation of short high-power pulses into free space.


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  2. 2.King Abdullah University of Science and TechnologyThuwalSaudi Arabia
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