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This chapter summarizes the survey.


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Let us note once more that it was not our intention to name all the significant studies of the recent past, especially since studies in a language other than English are mentioned here only indirectly, in the sense that works cited here often refer to them but they are not named directly in our survey. To be sure, what has been done and what remains to be done may be structured entirely differently, and as the survey demonstrates, many of the studies have a wide range and can be useful in understanding different aspects of a historical process.

Our principal aim was to show just how multifaceted the history of mathematics education is and from how many different perspectives it can be approached and examined. To return all the way to the beginning, let us repeat that in the past decade we have seen increased interest in this field. On the other hand, enormous work remains to be done. Our goal, therefore, has been to draw attention to these as yet unresolved questions first and foremost.

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