Further Results on Two Families of Nanostructures

  • Zahra YarahmadiEmail author
  • Mircea V. Diudea
Part of the Carbon Materials: Chemistry and Physics book series (CMCP, volume 9)


A topological index is a numeric quantity derived from the structure of a graph which is invariant under automorphisms of the graph under consideration. In this chapter, the Wiener, Szeged, and Cluj-Ilmenau indices and one-alpha descriptor will be calculated for an infinite family of nanocones, CNC 4[n], and eccentric connectivity; augmented eccentric connectivity; and Wiener, Szeged, PI, vertex PI, and the first and second Zagreb indices of N-branched phenylacetylenes nanostar dendrimers will be obtained. For obtaining Wiener and Szeged indices, we use a powerful method given by Klavžar.


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