Full Breast Ultrasonography as Follow-Up Examination After a Complex Treatment of Breast Cancer

  • Aristida Colan-Georges


Breast cancer treatment protocols are different, according to the stage of the disease and to the specific location and pathological type of the malignancy; thus, treatment is complex, and follow-up examinations are requested for monitoring the response; moreover, the surgical treatment may be incomplete, or the evolution of the disease may continue with local recidivism or distant metastases. This chapter illustrates the value of the FBU as follow-up examination in proved breast cancers after complex treatment (Chapter based on the author’s presentation in collaboration with ME Andrei, at EPOSTM Vienna 2015, doi:  10.1594/ecr2015/C-0266 [Georgescu and Andrei, Full breast ultrasonography as follow-up examination after a complex treatment of breast cancer, 2015]).


Breast scars Recidivate cancer Remnant cancer “Forgotten” axillary lymph nodes Post-radiotherapy lymphedema 


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