Sublattice Signatures of Transitions in a \(\mathscr {PT}\)-Symmetric Dimer Lattice

  • Andrew K. HarterEmail author
  • Yogesh N. Joglekar
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 184)


Lattice models with non-hermitian, parity and time-reversal (\(\mathscr {PT}\)) symmetric Hamiltonians, realized most readily in coupled optical systems, have been intensely studied in the past few years. A \(\mathscr {PT}\)-symmetric dimer lattice consists of dimers with intra-dimer coupling \(\nu \), inter-dimer coupling \(\nu '\), and balanced gain and loss potentials \(\pm i\gamma \) within each dimer. This model undergoes two independent transitions, namely a \(\mathscr {PT}\)-breaking transition and a topological transition. We numerically and analytically investigate the signatures of these transitions in the time-evolution of states that are initially localized on the gain-site or the loss-site.


Wave Packet Break Phase Dime Model Open Boundary Condition Topological Transition 
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The authors thank Avadh Saxena for useful discussions. This work was supported by NSF DMR-1054020.


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