Recent Developments in Intelligent Information and Database Systems

Volume 642 of the series Studies in Computational Intelligence pp 3-14


Cryptanalysis of SDES Using Genetic and Memetic Algorithms

  • Kamil DworakAffiliated withUniversity of SilesiaFuture Processing
  • , Jakub NalepaAffiliated withSilesian University of TechnologyFuture Processing Email author 
  • , Urszula BoryczkaAffiliated withUniversity of Silesia
  • , Michal KawulokAffiliated withSilesian University of TechnologyFuture Processing

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In this paper, we exploit evolutionary algorithms for cryptanalysis and we focus on a chosen-plaintext attack model, in which the attacker is able to access both the ciphertext and the plaintext. The aim of this attack is to determine the decryption key for the Simplified Data Encryption Standard, so that other encrypted texts can be easily deciphered. We propose to extract the key using genetic and memetic algorithms (the latter being a hybrid of the evolutionary techniques and some refinement procedures). An extensive experimental study, coupled with the sensitivity analysis on method components and statistical tests, show the convergence capabilities of our approaches and prove they are very competitive compared with other state-of-the-art algorithms.


Memetic algorithm Genetic algorithm Cryptanalysis SDES