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  • Michiel Steyaert
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The ambition of this work is, in a very broad sense, to improve the electrical energy transport between a source and its load. As this can be brought into practice in many different situation contexts, it is the electronic engineering’s perspective, and more specifically the integrated circuits point of view, that is central here. The field that deals with energy conversion problems and challenges is called power management, and it is a collection of AC–AC, AC–DC, DC–AC, and DC–DC conversions that alter the voltage and/or frequency relation between input and output. The following work consists of developments in both AC–DC and DC–DC conversions. In case of the former, the application domain is providing an IC-compatible supply voltage output from a mains input. In case of the latter, on-chip converters are targeted to enable power supply granularization to address the increasingly challenging power delivery in Systems on Chip (SoC).


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