Pyro-Electric Effect and Polymers Self-assembling

  • Sara CoppolaEmail author
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In this section the functionalization of Lithium Niobate substrates and the activation of the pyroelectric effect into periodically poled LN (PPLN) substrates is used to pattern and control the surface wettability. Compared to conventional electro-wetting (EW) experiments, this technique allows one to obtain wettability patterning by an electrode-less configuration. In particular, using the pyro-electric effect activated onto a PPLN crystal it is possible to manipulate liquid and polymeric materials, the fabrication of polymeric microlenses is described and characterized. In this chapter a novel approach is also presented for manipulating liquid crystals by pyroelectric effect, where the strong electric fields generated through a thermal stimulus allow the manipulation of liquids in 2D on a substrate.


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