First Definitions and Basic Properties

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In this chapter we introduce a refinement of rigid cohomology for varieties over Laurent series fields \(k(\!(t)\!)\) in characteristic p, taking values in vector spaces over the bounded Robba ring \(\mathscr {E}_K^\dagger \). We achieve this by considering a more general kind of ‘frame’ \((X,Y,\mathfrak {P})\) than in the classical theory, obtained by compactifying our varieties X as schemes over \(k[\![t ]\!]\) rather than just over \(k(\!(t)\!)\). With this definition in place we may transport almost all of Berthelot’s original constructions and results word for word into our setting, showing that these \(H^i_\mathrm {rig}(X/\mathscr {E}_K^\dagger )\) cohomology groups are well defined (i.e. independent of the choice of such a frame). We also introduce categories of coefficients \(F\text {-}{\mathrm {Isoc}}^\dagger (X/\mathscr {E}_K^\dagger )\) for this cohomology theory.


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