Degeneration of Linear Series from the Tropical Point of View and Applications

  • Matthew BakerEmail author
  • David Jensen
Conference paper
Part of the Simons Symposia book series (SISY)


We discuss linear series on tropical curves and their relation to classical algebraic geometry, describe the main techniques of the subject, and survey some of the recent major developments in the field, with an emphasis on applications to problems in Brill–Noether theory and arithmetic geometry.


Chip firing Tropical curves Brill-Noether theory 



The authors would like to thank Omid Amini and Sam Payne for enlightening discussions, and Eric Katz and Joe Rabinoff for helpful feedback on our summary of Katz et al. [81]. They also thank Spencer Backman, Dustin Cartwright, Melody Chan, Yoav Len, and Sam Payne for their comments on an early draft of this paper.


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