Spearman’s Rank-Difference Coefficient of Correlation

  • Thomas W. MacFarland
  • Jan M. Yates


Spearman’s Rank-Difference Coefficient of Correlation is often referred to as Spearman’s ρ (i.e., the Greek letter rho). It is common to read how Spearman’s Correlation is often viewed as the nonparametric counterpart to the parametric Pearson’s Correlation. However, that comparison may be somewhat misleading given how Spearman’s is used with nonparametric data, whereas Pearson’s is used with data that are more reasonably viewed as parametric. The key point to Spearman’s Correlation is that this test is used to determine if there is an association between two nonparametric variables. However, as a constant reminder, be sure to recall the often used expression Correlation does not imply causation. There may be a correlation (i.e., association) between Variable X and Variable Y, but by no means does that mean that measures for Variable X either cause or influence measures for Variable Y.


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