Mammography: BI-RADS® Update and Tomosynthesis

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The illustrative BI-RADS® fifth edition is a product of years of collaboration between subsection heads, committees, the American College of Radiology, and most importantly input from users of the lexicons. It is a living document, and therefore every edition tries to incorporate current state-of-the-art imaging interpretation. It is designed for everyday practice and should make possible unambiguous breast imaging reports and meaningful evaluation of individual and practice performance. The fifth edition includes mammography, ultrasound, and MRI. It includes a new section on follow-up in outcome monitoring. It does not include tomosynthesis, contrast-enhanced mammography, or molecular imaging. Each section has undergone major changes since the prior edition which shall be outlined as follows.


Dense Breast Digital Mammography Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Cancer Detection Rate Breast Cancer Screening Program 
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