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Saccades. Saccadic Intrusion, Saccadic Pursuit. Saccadomania. Sacral Sparing. Saddle Anaesthesia. Saturday Night Palsy. Savant Syndrome. Scanning Speech. Scapula Alata. Schizophasia. Schwabach Test. Scoliosis. Scotoma. Scratch Collapse Test. “Scratch Test”. Seborrhoea. Seelenblindheit. Seizures. Self-Mutilation. Sensory Ataxia. Sensory Loss. Sensory Tricks. Sequential Paresis. Setting Sun Sign. Shadowing. Shin-Tapping. Sialorrhoea. Sighing. Signe D’applause. Signe De L’éventail (Fan Sign). Signe De Rideau. Signe Du Journal. Simian Hand. Simian Posture. Simultanagnosia. Singultus. “Sink Sign”. Skew Deviation. Slipping Slipper Sign. Smile-Wink Phenomenon. Smooth Pursuit. Snarling Facies. Sneezing. Snoring. Snouting, Snout Reflex. Somatoparaphrenia. Somatotopagnosia. Spasm. Spasmus Nutans. Spastic Catch. Spasticity. Speech Apraxia. Spinal Mass Reflex. Spinal Movements in Brainstem Death. Spoonerisms. Spurling’s Sign. Square-Wave Jerks. Square-Wave Oscillations. Squint. Stapedius Reflex. Stellwag’s Sign. Steppage, Stepping Gait. Stereoanaesthesia. Stereohypaesthesia. Stereotyped Aphasia. Stereotypy. Sternocleidomastoid Test. Stethoscope Loudness Imbalance Test. Stewart-Holmes Sign. Stiffness. “Stops Walking When Talking”. “Stork Legs”. “Stork Manoeuvre”. Strabismus. Straight Leg Raising. “Straight Thumb Sign”. Striatal Hand. Striatal Toe. String Sign. Stupor. Stutter, Stuttering. Sucking Reflex. Summerskill’s Sign. “Sundowning”. Sunset Sign. Suppression. Supranuclear Gaze Palsy. Surface Dyslexia. Suspended Sensory Loss. “Swan Neck”. Swearing. Sweat Level. Swinging Flashlight Sign. Syllogomania. Synaesthesia. Synkinesia, Synkinesis.


Multiple System Atrophy Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Cervical Dystonia Visual Agnosia Lower Motor Neurone 
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