Advanced Detection Technologies

  • Edward C. MorseEmail author
Part of the Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications book series (ASTSA)


Alternative technologies for gamma-ray photon and neutron detectors are presented. First, new scintillator materials are discussed, with some of the underlying physics of the scintillation process in inorganic scintillators. The performance of some new materials such as strontium iodide and some lanthanum compounds are discussed, along with growth techniques for these materials. Both single cystal growth and methods for the manufacture of transparent ceramics are covered. Next, the development of room temperature solid-state detector materials is explored, with some general properties to guide the search for new ternary and quaternary compounds. Next, alternatives to \(^3\)He for neutron detection are discussed, including stilbene and new lithium compounds such as elpasolites. Finally, imaging techniques are explored. These include coded aperture arrays and Compton imaging detectors. The algorithms associated with coded aperture de-convolution are also discussed.


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