Biochip Architecture Model

  • Paul PopEmail author
  • Wajid Hassan Minhass
  • Jan Madsen


This chapter presents the biochip architecture models used throughout the book. We first present the microfluidic valve, which is the basic building block of continuous-flow biochips. Microfluidic valves, together with microfluidic channels, are used to build microfluidic components. The chapter presents a microfluidic component model and how we capture the details of the components in a component library. Then, we propose a topology graph model, also called a netlist, which models the components and their interconnections. The chapter also discusses the control of microfluidic biochips using off-chip pressure. In this context, we present recent advances that move the off-chip control on-chip, using microfluidic valves to build logic circuits based on pneumatics.


Microfluidic valve Normally closed valve Peristaltic mixer Switch  Microfluidic components On-chip control Logic gates 


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