Spatial Effects of Delay-Induced Stochastic Oscillations in a Multi-scale Cellular System

  • Dmitry BratsunEmail author
  • Andrey Zakharov
Conference paper
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The combined spatial effect of time delay and intrinsic noise on gene regulation is studied numerically. It is based on the multi-scale chemo-mechanical model of the epithelium. The protein fluctuations in each cell are described by a single-gene auto-repressor model with constant delay. It is found that time delay, noise and spatial signaling can result in the protein pattern formation even when deterministic description exhibits no patterns.


Stochastic simulations Pattern formation Time delay 



The research has been supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Perm Region (grant C-26/004.4) and grant of Russian Fund for Basic Research (14-01-96022r_ural_a).


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  1. 1.Theoretical Physics DepartmentPerm State Pedagogical UniversityPermRussia

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