Nanodiamonds: From Synthesis and Purification to Deposition Techniques, Hybrids Fabrication and Applications

  • J. C. ArnaultEmail author
Part of the Carbon Nanostructures book series (CARBON)


The present chapter summarizes the recent advances in the production and the purification methods of nanodiamonds. The different strategies for seeding and patterning of surfaces are detailed. First reports of hybrids based on nanodiamonds are included like core shell particles or decoration with carbon dots or metallic atoms. Finally, an overview of applications for composites and nanomedicine is provided.


Nanodiamonds Purification Hybrids Seeding Surfaces Applications 



J.C. Arnault would like to thank his co-workers involved in surface modifications of nanodiamonds at CEA LIST, especially H.A. Girard, C. Gesset and T. Petit. He also acknowledges his collaborators from other laboratories for fruitful interactions.


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