Fee for Service: Will It Ever Die?

  • Michael Wasserman


In this chapter, the author shares his long and varied experience in the realm of fee-for-service Medicare. He makes the critical point that while new alternative payment methodologies are being encouraged, fee-for-service will probably not disappear in the near future. Furthermore, even practices that receive capitated payments, or health systems that have clinicians on a salary, continue to utilize productivity-based evaluation metrics. These are often based on traditional fee-for-service codes. There is discussion on how clinicians in a geriatric practice can still take a geriatric approach to care while bringing in an adequate revenue stream. There is also discussion on how to leverage fee-for-service with the managed care environment.


Reimbursement Medicare risk Medicare advantage Fee for service Leverage Quality Geriatric approach to care Geriatric model of care Geriatric medicine Medicare HMOs Geriatrics Business Private practice Healthcare Nursing facilities 

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