Balanced Urban Development: Options and Strategies for Liveable Cities

Volume 72 of the series Water Science and Technology Library pp 45-55

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Connecting Urban and Rural Futures Through Rural Design

  • Dewey ThorbeckAffiliated withCenter for Rural Design, University of Minnesota Email author 
  • , John TroughtonAffiliated withGuntonia Investments Ltd


Urbanisation has been accelerating around the globe as people move from rural areas to urban areas for economic advancement creating urban development that sprawls into the countryside, eliminating much of the best farmland surrounding cities. By 2050 there may be another 2.5 billion people on the planet with 100 million more in the United States and Australia’s population may increase by 13 million or more. Urban design and planning has attempted to shape urban development as cities have expanded, but it has done so primarily from an urban perspective. Areas of transition from rural to urban and land uses at the urban/rural edge in the peri-urban landscape require the lens of spatial arrangement from both urban and rural perspectives to shape, manage, and preserve the ecosystems that people depend upon.


Urbanization Rural design Urban development Peri-urban landscape Ecosystem