Applications of Permeabilization

  • Gaspar Banfalvi


The permeabilization of cells has obtained several applications. This chapter deals with these applications and includes cationic cell killing, gene delivery, anticancer effects, delivery of quantum dots, electrofusion, macromolecular biosynthetic processes (poly-ADP ribose, DNA, RNA), temporal order of gene replication and gene expression, visualization of replicons and intermediates of chromosome condensation, linear order and spatial arrangement of chromosomes, genotoxic chromatin changes, among them heavy metal (Cd, Pb, Ni, Hg, Ag) treatment and irradiation (α, γ and UV-B) induced chromatin damages.


Anticancer permeabilization Arrangement of chromosomes Avicins Chromatin condensation Chromatin images Cell cycle synchronization Contact-killing DNA synthesis Early replicative intermediates Electrofusion Gene delivery systems Gene expression Gene replication Genotoxic chromatin changes Heavy metals Hybridoma Hypertonic solution Hypotonic solution Irradiation Nascent DNA Okazaki fragments Poly-ADP ribosylation Polyamines Polyamino acids Polycationic peptides Polycations Propofol Quantun dots Replicons RNA primer Stimulated lymphocytes Subunits of chromosomes 


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