Velocity Fields

  • De-Yi ShangEmail author
  • Liang-Cai Zhong
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System of rigorous numerical solutions on velocity fields of laminar water mixed convection are obtained with consideration of coupled effect of variable physical properties. The similarity velocity field is obviously effected by the boundary temperatures \(t_{w}\) and \(t_{\infty }\). It demonstrates clearly also the influence of the variable physical properties. With increasing the local mixed convection parameter \(Mc_{x,\infty }\), the level of velocity field will increase, and gradually form the more and more obvious parabola. It reflects the effect of buoyancy force on mixed convection. Since the coupled effect of variable physical properties are well considered in the governing mathematical models, the calculated results of the velocity fields have theoretical and practical values.


Velocity field Numerical solution Local Prandtl number Local mixed convection parameter Variable physical properties 

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