Heat Transfer

  • De-Yi ShangEmail author
  • Liang-Cai Zhong
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Through the series of studies, the optimal formalization of Nusselt number for laminar mixed convection on a vertical flat plate is obtained for consideration of Boussinesq approximation. It contains the following research investigations: (i) pseudo-similarity analysis and transformation based on our developed innovative similarity transformation replacing the traditional Falkner-Skan type transformation; (ii) new governing similarity mathematical model, which is first applied in study of laminar free/forced mixed convection, and is more conveniently derived and applied compared with that based on the Falkner-Skan type transformation for investigation of mixed convection heat transfer; (iii) the system of numerical solutions of wall similarity temperature gradient; and (iv) optimal formalized equations of Nusselt number of mixed convection are derived by using a curve-fitting method for multiple variables. The optimal formalized equations are very coincident to those calculated based on the numerical solutions. The optimal formalized equations of Nusselt number are suitable for wide coverage of Prandtl number and mixed convection parameter, and can be used for calculation of heat transfer coefficient of laminar mixed convection with consideration of Boussinesq approximation.


Nusselt number Theoretical equation Optimal formalized equation Wall similarity temperature gradient Curve-fitting method Average Prandtl number Local mixed convection parameter Boussinesq approximation 


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  2. 2.Department of Ferrous MetallurgyNortheastern UniversityShenyangChina

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