Formalized Equations

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By using the data obtained in the last chapter for the coefficients \({a}_{1}\) and \({b}_{1}\) as well as exponents \({a}_{2}\) and \({b}_{2}\), only dependent on the local mixed convection parameter, in this present chapter, the optimal formalization of the coefficients \({a}_{1}\) and \({b}_{ 1}\) as well as exponents \({a}_{2}\) and \({b}_{2}\) is investigated with variation of the local mixed convection parameter. On this basis, complete optimal formalized equations are created for the wall similarity temperature gradient, and for Nusselt number of laminar water mixed convection on a vertical flat plate. Such complete optimal formalized equations depend on three physical variables, namely local Prandtl numbers at the boundary temperatures as well as local mixed convection parameter, where all fluid’s variable physical properties and physical conditions are included. On the other hand, since the coupled effect of variable physical properties on mixed convection and its heat transfer is well taken into account, such optimal formalized equations not only have theoretical value, but also application value for heat transfer application of laminar mixed convection.


Nusselt number Theoretical equation Formalized equation Curve-fitting method Local Prandtl number Local mixed convection parameter 

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