Procedure for Optimal Formalization of Nusselt Number

  • De-Yi ShangEmail author
  • Liang-Cai Zhong
Part of the Heat and Mass Transfer book series (HMT)


Theoretical equations of Nusselt number are derived out based on our innovative similarity transformation model. Such theoretical equations show that the wall similarity temperature gradient is the only one unknown variable dominating the evaluation of the Nusselt number. Then, it is key work to develop optimal formalization of the wall similarity temperature gradient for reliable formulaic calculation of the Nusselt number of mixed convection. To this end, a procedure for investigation of optimal formalization of wall similarity temperature gradient is planned in this chapter for complete optimal formalization of Nusselt number. Such formalized equations contain the independent physical variables such as the local Prandtl numbers \(Pr_{w}\) and \(Pr_{\infty}\) and the local mixed convection parameter \(Mc_{x,\infty}\) for description of effect of fluid variable physical properties and buoyancy force on mixed convection heat transfer.


Nusselt number Theoretical equations Optimal equations Wall similarity temperature gradient Heat transfer analysis Local Prandtl number Local mixed convection parameter 

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