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Laparoscopic Subxiphoid and Suprapubic Hernia Repair

  • William S. CobbEmail author


Subxiphoid and suprapubic hernias pose a difficult challenge as the fascial defects abut bony structures. Additionally, care must be taken during fixation of the mesh for repair in order to avoid viscera and minimize potential long-term pain. Laparoscopy is an effective approach to repair these defects. Thorough knowledge of the anatomy and careful dissection for mesh will minimize complications and allow for a durable hernia repair.


Laparoscopic hernia repair Epigastric Suprapubic Ventral hernia Intraperitoneal sublay 

Supplementary material

Video 24.1

Laparoscopic Subxiphoid hernia repair, by Belyansky (MP4 889,359 kb)

Video 24.2

Laparoscopic Suprapubic Hernia repair, by Novitsky (MP4 50,457 kb)


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