Gallstone Ileus

  • Pierre F. SaldingerEmail author
  • Alexander Itskovich
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Gallstone ileus is a rare form of bowel obstruction caused by an impacted gallstone. It requires two critical elements: a cholecysto-enteric fistula and a gallstone of sufficient diameter to migrate and obstruct the intestinal lumen. Classically, gallstone ileus was addressed by relieving the blockage and closing the fistula. However, because the typical presentation involves elderly patients with numerous comorbidities, lengthy, complex procedures are often poorly tolerated. Obviating the exploration of the fistula has been proposed as a means of decreasing postoperative morbidity and mortality. Although no prospective trials have performed on the subject, several retrospective reviews support this conclusion.


Gallstone ileus Cholecystoduodenal fistula Cholecystointestinal fistula Cholecystosigmoid fistula Bouveret syndrome 


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