The Utility of Untangling

  • Vida DujmovićEmail author
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In this paper we show how techniques developed for untangling planar graphs by Bose et al. [Discrete & Computational Geometry 42(4): 570–585 (2009)] and Goaoc et al. [Discrete & Computational Geometry 42(4): 542–569 (2009)] imply new results about some recent graph drawing models. These include column planarity, universal point subsets, and partial simultaneous geometric embeddings (with or without mappings). Some of these results answer open problems posed in previous papers.



Many thanks to Pat Morin and David R. Wood for very helpful comments on the preliminary version of this article. Similarly, many thanks to the anonymous referees, especially the one who painstakingly corrected my ever random selection from \(\{the, a , \{\}\}\).The author is supported by NSERC and Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.


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