Functions of Bioactive and Intelligent Natural Polymers in the Optimization of Drug Delivery

  • Ndidi C. NgwulukaEmail author
  • Nelson A. Ochekpe
  • Okezie I. Aruoma


Bioactive polymers, by their structural configuration and conformation, possess the ability to exert biological activities and consequently elicit responses from cells and tissues. Intelligent polymers are smart polymers which respond to internal and external stimuli in order to propel the release or modify the release of drugs. Natural polymers are biogenic, biocompatible, biodegradable, and safe for consumption. Consequently, they present as suitable materials that the human body can identify with and not treat as foreign bodies, thereby reducing the complications encountered when dealing with synthetic polymers. Natural polymers have been shown to be bioactive, exhibiting biological activities such as antitumor, anticoagulant, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, and antirheumatic. In addition, natural polymers are meritorious materials for the fabrication of self-regulated or externally regulated drug delivery systems. These systems respond to the state of the environment for efficacious therapy. Drug delivery technology is shifting from the controlled release of drugs over time to the release of drugs when and where needed, especially for chronic diseases. Indeed, intelligent polymers are choice polymers for such delivery systems. Their synthetic counterparts were actually synthesized to mimic these natural polymers which further buttress the need to revert to nature for intelligent and bioactive polymers. The contexts of natural bioactive and intelligent polymers have unique applications in drug delivery, embracing nanobiotechnology. This would ultimately benefit drug delivery systems in benchmarking new drug formulations.


Bioactive Biogenic Drug delivery Intelligent polymers Nanobiotechnology Natural polymers 


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  • Nelson A. Ochekpe
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  • Okezie I. Aruoma
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