Mobile@Old an ADL Solution

  • Lucia Rusu
  • Sergiu JecanEmail author
  • Dan Sitar
Conference paper
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Mobile@Old is a friendly low cost intelligent AAL platform designed to meet the needs of elderly users with the purpose to assist old people with their daily activities, maintaining physical and cognitive fitness, maintaining connection to their close ones while increasing their safety, autonomy, self-confidence and mobility. Our paper considers 4 main scenarios emphasized by interviews conducted with the elders and caregivers: 1. Med (Medicine) designed for monitoring vital parameters and assessing the situation of the person who forgets to take their medicine in order to improve their condition, 2. Rem (Reminder scenarios) focused on problems related to cognitive ageing, 3. VSM (Vital Sign Monitoring) - activity analysis for monitoring vital parameters using medical expertise and observed behaviors, 4. PAT (Physical Activity Trainer) - consists of recommendations on performing additional exercise, if it detects a low level of physical activity. This solution is elder-centered, taking into account: the individual particularities, illness, level of acceptance and usability.


Assisted daily living Personal assistant Elder scenario 



This paper was supported by the grant Mobility pattern assistant for elderly people (Mobile@Old) PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-2241 No 315/2014, funded under the Partnerships Program PN II, powered by MEN - UEFISCDI


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