Tree-Like Grammars and Separation Logic

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Separation Logic with inductive predicate definitions (\(\texttt {SL}\)) and hyperedge replacement grammars (HRG) are established formalisms to describe the abstract shape of data structures maintained by heap-manipulating programs. Fragments of both formalisms are known to coincide, and neither the entailment problem for \(\texttt {SL}\) nor its counterpart for HRGs, the inclusion problem, are decidable in general.

We introduce tree-likegrammars (TLG), a fragment of HRGs with a decidable inclusion problem. By the correspondence between HRGs and \(\texttt {SL}\), we simultaneously obtain an equivalent \(\texttt {SL}\) fragment (\(\texttt {SL}_{\texttt {tl}}\)) featuring some remarkable properties including a decidable entailment problem.


Heap abstraction Hyperedge replacement grammars Separation logic Entailment checking 


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  1. 1.Software Modeling and Verification GroupRWTH Aachen UniversityAachenGermany

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