Net Neutrality: An Overview of Enacted Laws in South America

  • Patricia Adriana Vargas-Leon


Although the Internet was created as a technology without a unique point of control, governments and private corporations increased their efforts to control the Internet infrastructure and traffic pursuing their own interests (Horvitz 2013). In this scenario and in the face of a fast growing Internet penetration rate, the role of those who control the Internet infrastructure is one of the main issues of public debate. Worldwide, government authorities see themselves forced to analyze the conditions offered by Internet service providers (ISPs) and the responsibilities these companies have to their customers. The main point of discussion is whether the market of Internet access should be regulated or not, is a discussion known as the network neutrality (or net neutrality) debate (Hahn and Wallsten 2006; Krämer et al. 2013).

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  • Patricia Adriana Vargas-Leon
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