Scale Up Internet-Based Business Through Distributed Data Centers

  • Liguo YuEmail author
  • Alok Mishra
  • Deepti Mishra
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Distributed data centers are becoming more and more important for internet-based companies. Without distributed data centers, it will be hard for internet companies to scale up their business. The traditional centralized data center suffers the drawback of bottle neck and single failure problem. Therefore, more and more internet companies are building distributed data centers, and more and more business are moved onto distributed Web services. This paper reviews the history of distributed Web services and studies their current status through examining the distributed data centers of several top Internet companies. Based on the study, we conclude that distributed services, including distributed data centers, are the key factors to scale up the business of a company, especially, an internet-based company.


Web service Distributed Web service Data centers Distributed data centers Cloud computing 


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