System Readiness Assessment (SRA) a Vade Mecum

  • Marc F. AustinEmail author
  • Donald M. York
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As the complexity of systems increases, it is critical to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the development status, or readiness, of the system to aid more informed system-level technical and management decisions throughout the life cycle. Lack of comprehensive system thinking at the onset and failure at the integration points are two of the primary causes for unsuccessful system development. To measure system readiness, a greater emphasis must be placed on integration. This paper provides a vade mecum or handbook for System Readiness Assessment (SRA). It provides system-level metrics that give visibility over the development life cycle into the entire system and its interfaces. The SRA assessment criteria are described and an example is provided. The intended users include Program Managers, Systems Engineers, Independent Review Teams, and developers. The goal is to provide a fundamental understanding of how to conduct an SRA, as well as assist experienced users in maximizing the benefits of SRAs.


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