Implementation of Real-Time Joint Controllers

  • Walter Fetter LagesEmail author
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 625)


This tutorial chapter explains the implementation of controllers in the Robot Operating System. The inner working of the ROS real-time loop is explained with discussion of the classes used to implement it. Contrariwise to most available examples of implementation of controllers in ROS, which show the use of single input, single output controllers using the proportional-integral-derivative control law, here controllers are approached in a more general sense, so that any control law can be used. A complete example of implementation of a MIMO nonlinear controller is presented using the computed torque control law. The real-time aspects of the problem are also considered and the controller is ready for running in hard-real-time with the PREEMPT_RT kernel patch. The source code of examples are available at public repositories to enable readers to experiment with the examples and adapt them to their robots.


Controller Real-time loop Non-linear controller Parameter identification Computed torque MIMO controller 


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