Robotnik—Professional Service Robotics Applications with ROS

  • Roberto GuzmanEmail author
  • Roman Navarro
  • Marc Beneto
  • Daniel Carbonell
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 625)


This chapter summarizes our most relevant experiences in the use of ROS in the deployment of Real-World professional service robotics applications: a mobile robot for CBRN intervention missions, a tunnel inspection and surveillance robot, an upper body torso robot, an indoor healthcare logistic transport robot and a robot for precision viticulture. The chapter describes the mentioned projects and how ROS has been used in them. It focuses on the application development, on the ROS modules used and the ROS tools and components applied, and on the lessons learnt in the development process.


Professional service robotics applications with ROS Civil protection Agriculture robotics Logistic robotics Service robotics Autonomous robots Mobile robots Mobile manipulators AGVS UGVS 


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