Face Detection Coupling Texture, Color and Depth Data



In this chapter, we propose an ensemble of face detectors for maximizing the number of true positives found by the system. Unfortunately, combining different face detectors increases both the number of true positives and false positives. To overcome this difficulty, several methods for reducing false positives are tested and proposed. The different filtering steps are based on the characteristics of the depth map related to the subwindows of the whole image that contain the candidate faces. The most simple and easiest criteria to use, for instance, is to filter the candidate face region by considering its size in metric units.

The experimental section demonstrates that the proposed set of filtering steps greatly reduces the number of false positives without decreasing the detection rate. The proposed approach has been validated on a dataset of 549 images (each including both 2D and depth data) representing 614 upright frontal faces. The images were acquired both outdoors and indoors, with both first and second generation Kinect sensors. This was done in order to simulate a real application scenario. Moreover, for further validation and comparison with the state-of-the-art, our ensemble of face detectors is tested on the widely used BioID dataset where it obtains 100 % detection rate with an acceptable number of false positives.

A MATLAB version of the filtering steps and the dataset used in this paper will be freely available from


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