Gauge Theories

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In Sect.  4.3 we sawn that the space of multilocal on-shell functionals \(\mathcal {F}_S(\mathcal {M})\) can be characterized as the 0th homology of the differential complex \((\Lambda \mathcal {V},\delta _S)\) (see  4.10). The 1st homology of this complex is interpreted as the space of non-trivial local symmetries. Now we discuss the quantization of theories where this homology group is non-trivial, using the BV framework, in the version proposed in (Fredenhagen and Rejzner, Communications in Mathematical Physics, 314(1):93–127, 2012 and Fredenhagen and Rejzner, Communications in Mathematical Physics, 317(3):697–725, 2012 [FR12b, FR12a]).


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