Quantum-Dot Laser Dynamics

  • Benjamin LingnauEmail author
Part of the Springer Theses book series (Springer Theses)


The stability of semiconductor laser operation plays a crucial role in almost every possible application of these devices (Erneux, Glorieux, Laser dynamics, Cambridge University Press, UK, 2010) [1], (Lüdge, Nonlinear laser dynamics—from quantum dots to cryptography, Wiley, Weinheim, 2012) [2], (Chow, Jahnke, Prog Quantum Electron 37:109–184, 2013) [3], (Otto, Dynamics of quantum dot lasers—effects of optical feedback and external optical injection, Springer, Heidelberg, 2014) [4]. In most fields of operation, one would require a stable steady-state output with constant intensity that follows any change in external operating parameters instantaneously, thus enabling, e.g., arbitrarily fast switching of the laser output. In reality such requirements can naturally never be met.


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