CBUPRE to Secure MANETs from DoS Attacks

  • Radha Krishna Reddy Pallavali
  • Samia BouzefraneEmail author
  • Selma Boumerdassi
Conference paper
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Nowadays, mobile devices are an increasingly useful part of our daily life. Networks through which mobile devices communicate are named Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs). Without using a fixed infrastructure, mobile nodes dynamically build a wireless network for communication. In order to ensure reliable communications, a main security issue in MANETs is protection from Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks. From past decade, only a few proposals have been made to secure MANETs from DoS Attacks. Generally, the normal encryption schemes protect data confidentiality from unauthorized users, but these techniques are limited to encrypted data sharing between mobile nodes. To overcome this issue, in this paper we propose to use a new proxy re-encryption technique called Compression-Based Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption (CBUPRE) for secure data exchange and efficient bandwidth use even during DoS attacks. This technique uses a new node called Dynamic TCP Proxy Node to check the authorization of nodes, to encrypt at a proxy level, and to secure the network against unintended nodes. Based on this, secure data exchange can be achieved with encrypted data. We present a correctness proof of how, through the CUPRE technique, the data can be transferred to the destination node in the group within the low bandwidth network securely even during DoS attacks.


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  • Samia Bouzefrane
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  • Selma Boumerdassi
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