SDN-Based QoS Aware Network Service Provisioning

  • Cosmin CabaEmail author
  • José Soler
Conference paper
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One of the applicability areas of SDN is for creating services for dynamic provisioning of network resources with strict QoS requirements. The research available in this field focuses mainly on the service logic implemented over the functionality of the SDN Controller (SDNC). However, there is much to be covered regarding the specific mechanisms used by the SDNC to enforce the QoS in the data plane devices. To this end, the current paper proposes a data plane QoS architecture, together with the invariants that have to be maintained by the SDNC in order to ensure predictable QoS for the network services. More specifically, the paper will look into on demand provisioning of Virtual Circuits (VCs) with specific QoS, based on the SDN paradigm. The aim is to analyze and compare the strategies for network resources management for two cases: a coarse granular and a fine granular VC provisioning service. Furthermore, the analysis is intended to serve as a basis for future implementations of SDN-based mechanisms for provisioning of bandwidth on demand.


Software defined networking Openflow OVSDB Information model Services QoS Virtual circuit Virtual switch 


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