Umbrella Reviews, Overviews of Reviews, and Meta-epidemiologic Studies: Similarities and Differences

  • Michail Tsagris
  • Konstantinos C. Fragkos


This chapter describes umbrella reviews, overviews of reviews, and meta-epidemiologic studies focusing on their definitions, purposes, and classifications where appropriate and then elaborating on their similarities and differences. We may consider umbrella reviews as reviews integrating several types of study designs but typically randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews of such studies in a unifying fashion in order to address a content issue (e.g., whether or not a given drug is superior to another). Overviews of reviews are reviews of systematic reviews and meta-analyses which can focus on content or methodological issues. Finally, meta-epidemiologic studies focus on potentially different types of study designs but most typically on randomized trials and systematic reviews, usually across different content domains (e.g., topics or conditions), and mainly aim at addressing methodological issues.


Evidence-based medicine Meta-analysis Meta-epidemiologic study Overview of reviews Umbrella reviews 


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